Indian Ridge is a deed restricted community that permits Short Term ( Vacation home ) Rentals. The Homeowners Association is composed of an Executive Committee, Board of Directors and various subcommittees.

Purpose: The purpose of this association shall be to promote sound growth, progressive civic improvement, beautification and healthy residential and recreational development of the area included in, surrounding and contiguous to Indian Ridge subdivision. The HOA is to act in furtherance of any purpose set forth in the State of Florida Articles of Incorporation of the Association.

Current Annual Dues : $70

New Owners Transfer fees : $100

Annual Dues Form

Indian Ridge is an Municipal Services Taxing Unit (MSTU) estate as defined by Osceola County

Please Note: Keys are available by appointment, please send request to indianridge2@indianridgehoa.com . Use of the pool, basketball or tennis courts without a key is considered a criminal trespass and may be prosecuted by the Osceola County Sheriff. Use of the common areas may be revoked at the discretion of the Board of Directors in the event of abuse, criminal intent or a variety of other violations.

Indian Ridge Homeowners Association operates in compliance with the State of Florida Statute # 720 & 617 (Guidelines for Florida Homeowners’ Associations) State of Florida Statute 720 website.

Q. Is Indian Ridge affiliated with Indian Ridge Oaks (Villas)?
A- No. Indian Ridge Oaks (villas) were built upon completion of Indian Ridge. They operate their own Homeowners Association that is managed by Osceola County. Please contact www.osceola.org for additional information, ask for Special Assessments office.
Q. Who is responsible to maintain the fences and sidewalks at the back of my yard?
A- Many homes at Indian Ridge enjoy the benefits of having paved walkways / sidewalks at the rear of property. Some homeowners have added fencing for privacy. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to make sure the area along your fence / sidewalk line is maintained.

Does your neighbor have a problem yard? Please notify your HOA at indianridge2@indianridgehoa.com Digital pictures will be appreciated. Upon receipt of these pictures you HOA will contact the owner and serve a violation notice. Your name or address will not be provided. Once served each owner will have 30 days to remedy the problem. Failure to comply may result in a fine equal to the amount required for the HOA to hire an outside contractor. Your HOA will also serve notice on the homeowners’ insurance company notifying them a dangerous situation occurs. Please be responsible and take care of your yard. Your homeowners association requests that you make every effort to assure the back portion of your yard is maintained equally as well as the front of your yard.

Q. How late can we have a party at our home?
A- There are no guidelines or laws against the number of guests allowed at your party. The main issues are noise and late night street and lawn parking. Party Noise: in spite of the common belief that noise must end by 11:00 PM, the reality is that the Osceola county sheriff can be summoned for excessive noise during ANY hour of the day. If you are having a party you can be ticketed for excessive noise during any hour of any day. Even if the noise comes from inside your home. Parking vehicles on the lawn is not acceptable and may result in a $100 fine subject to or per OCSD enforced Parking Ordinance (P.O.#12-10).
Q. Can I park a motor home or boat in my backyard?
A- Even if this is on your yard or behind a fence you are not allowed to park such vehicles in your backyard. They must be stored at a separate location. If you have visitors with such recreational vehicles or boats you will be required to secure a temporary parking permit from the HOA. Overnight street parking is not permitted at any time. For additional information see parking at Indian Ridge and the deed restrictions.
Q. Can we rent out our home as a vacation villa or long term rental?
A- Yes. Please note that Osceola County requires you have an Occupational License before you rent out your villa as a vacation home. Long term rentals may also come with specific restrictions.
Q. How often should I cut my lawn?
A- There are no specific rules although the county code enforcement department will require you cut your lawn and trim your hedges if they are not maintained regularly. Failure to comply can result is substantial penalties.
Q. What about swimming pool maintenance?
A- Lack of regular pool maintenance can result in the Osceola County code enforcer to fine you for dangerous lack of maintenance. Pools that turn green or black with algae can result in the code enforcer hiring an outside maintenance contractor and fining you for reckless endangerment.
Q. I have seen suspicious neighbors or strangers in the neighborhood that may be participating in criminal activity. What can I do?
A- The Osceola County Sheriff’s non emergency telephone line does not require you leave your name. Please report any suspicious activity to the non emergency telephone line at 407-348-2222.
Q. When is trash pickup?
A- Regular household trash pickup is Thursday morning, using a trashcan supplied by the county. Yard debris is picked up on Wednesday, and large items must be cut down and tied in bundles.
Q. Does Indian Ridge recycle?
Q. Do holidays affect trash pickup days?
A- Only if the regular pickup day falls on New Years or Christmas.


Please Note: Questions & Answers may be updated periodically for clarification.